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The 104th Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival was started in 1914.  Carl Howelsen wanted to show off his ski jumping skills from his native Austria.  He said that if he could raise $50, he would build a jump and show off his skills.  F.M. Light was the first to throw in $5, the ski jump was built and the […]

Commercial Captures the Hardworking Spirit of the Cowboy

Here at F.M. Light and Sons, we obviously love all things western. This isn’t just because the wild west was wild, or because it is full of adventure and discovery. It’s because the men and the women of the old west were strong folks who knew how to get things done. They had a code […]

Railroad Revival Tour: Take a Train and Listen to the Best!

The romance of trains is realized by everyone. When paired with the thrill of music, you’ve got The Railroad Revival Tour of 2012.   “Railroad Revival Tour is an experience that transcends typical music tours or festivals and glorifies the historical romance between music and trains under the setting of the great American landscape. This […]

F.M. Light – Fun for Kids: Hank the Cowdog Sings

If you haven’t heard of Hank the Cowdog, then you’re in for a treat. Hank stars in his own books – a series of (ahem), children’s books (not really – they’re hilarious and fun for adults as well) about his job as head of Ranch Security. Each book tells the adventure from Hank’s point of […]

F.M. Light's Weekend Western: The Rifleman

Do you want to kick back and relax this weekend? Why not watch one of the most adventurous western shows to date? Enjoy, and share with your friends using the sharing options below!

Cattle Drive and Ranch Rodeo in Steamboat Springs, CO

<<<<UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to the drought and high heat, the cattle drive has been canceled. Read more about the cancellation on Steamboat Pilot’s website. >>>> But, the Ranch Rodeo is still on. At 1:00pm, be at the Romick Arena for the Ranch Rodeo. Now, this isn’t a rodeo where you’ll see crazy bucking broncos or […]

The Integrity of the American Cowboy: A&E’s Drama Longwire

There’s a new sheriff in town.   For fans of the wild west, there’s always a shortage of good western fare on television. That’s about to change: Look out for A&E’s new drama Longmire. Here’s a synopsis from A&E: Widowed only a year, Longmire is a man in psychic repair who buries his pain behind […]

Weapons of the West

Tools of the Trade “God did not make all men equal. Colonel Colt did.” After fighting the Civil War, thousands of frontiersmen used revolvers – handguns that utilize rotating chambers, allowing the firing of multiple rounds. How accurate is a revolver? An expert shot might consistently hit a stationary figure at 40 yards with a […]