An Amalgated History of the West

Bill and Bobby: Dirt Roads and Wall Street – A Father’s Day Tribute

A Father’s Day Tribute, by Steve Lucas Steve Lucas has contributed another small piece of writing for our enjoyment, this time on the subject of fatherhood. Oftentimes the plans we make for our lives and the events that actually transpire turn out to be very different from one another. If these plans and the resultant reality […]

A Tribute To Mothers by Steve Lucas

Legends and great historic events are filled with the stories of people who accomplished magnificent feats heroism that most of us can only imagine doing. In the midst of our daily lives which – let’s be honest – sometimes get a little mundane, these stories inspire us and spur us on toward better things. Toward goals, toward […]

Great Forgery Chase at F.M. Light and Sons in Steamboat Springs, CO

A forgery. Six-shooters. A chase. Yes, these are all elements of the story I’m about to tell. After all, F.M. Light and Sons was started in 1905; that was when the West was still a bit wild. It was a day just like any other in Steamboat Springs, CO. But, for the two sons of […]

cowboy boots

Cowboy Boots – The Purpose of Western Garb

Item 3: Cowboy Boots Slouched, thick-leathered boots that are coated in dust as if they’ve seen more than a few miles signal that the wearer is a true cowboy. While many of us wear our boots for fashion, cowboy boots were originally designed wholly for their function. The boots of today with the plethora of different leathers, stitching, […]

Francis Aubry: Skimmer of the Plains

800 miles in 5 days, 15 hours Francois X. Aubry was a short man; at 5′ 2″ he wasn’t very imposing. But, he was the greatest speed and distance rider in the history of the United States.   Francis Aubry, called “Little Aubry”, was restless by nature – energetic and agile. The Albuquerque Tribune stated […]

The Declaration of Independence: Read Aloud for the 4th of July

Old Traditions, Rekindled Early July 4th celebrations weren’t that different from our own – with a few exceptions. Some revelry included mock funerals and effigy burning (click here to read more history of Independence Day celebrations). While we don’t believe effigies should be burned, or statues smelted down, we believe some traditions should be rekindled. […]

History: Early July 4th Celebrations

In the past, celebrations of the 4th of July weren’t all that different from today. Here are some interesting facts you might not know about this national holiday: The Declaration of Independence was read aloud every 4th. You can do the same by clicking here! The first 4th of July celebration took place on July […]