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Francis Aubry: Skimmer of the Plains

800 miles in 5 days, 15 hours Francois X. Aubry was a short man; at 5′ 2″ he wasn’t very imposing. But, he was the greatest speed and distance rider in the history of the United States.   Francis Aubry, called “Little Aubry”, was restless by nature – energetic and agile. The Albuquerque Tribune stated […]

So Many Questions

We get so many questions about F.M. Lights. We decided to answer a few. And, what better way to answer, than to reference the book written on the subject. Annabeth Light Lockhart, F.M. Light’s grand-daughter wrote a book entitled: F.M. Light & Sons: One Vision, One Store, 100 Years. Here are just a few of […]