History of the Store & Family

Diamond Hitch Parade

The crowning event at The Winter Carnival is the Diamond Hitch Parade, as it brings the last day of street events to a close.  In true Light family history, our family was involved both in the first diamond hitch and in continuing the tradition through the years. What constitutes a diamond hitch you may ask? […]

vintage photo

Vintage Photo Archive

Everybody loves photographs. But we especially love photographs from the distant past. Vintage photos tell a story that is distinctly different than our own, and they portray people that we likely don’t know. But despite the different times and faces, the places are often recognizable. We therefore have a connection with these people whom we don’t know and we […]

steamboat winter carnival fmlight

102nd Annual Winter Carnival

The beginning of February is always one of our favorite times of the year because it means that it’s time for the Winter Carnival. And this years 102nd Annual Winter Carnival was no disappointment. True to our western tradition, Steamboat cleared out all the vehicles from Lincoln Avenue, covered the road in snow, and let the […]

Store on Wheels: F.M. Light Hits the Road Like Old Times

During the Great Depression, Frank Light took his store on the road. Everyone was struggling to put food on the table, and Frank knew he needed to do something drastic if the store was going to stay in business. A man of action, Frank Light didn’t want to sit and wait for ranchers to come […]

Sign Painting Process – F.M. Light and Sons Historical Yellow Signs

Our yellow roadsigns are famous. The bright yellow bastions that have welcomed visitors for 90 years are historical markers. Each one is numbered and registered in the state of Colorado. What does it take to keep them beautiful? It takes a whole lot of work! For generations, ancestors of F.M. Light have hit the road to take […]

Summer To Do List: Yellow Sign Painting in 2013

This year, as usual, we began the process of repainting our yellow signs (each year we handle 1/3 of the signs). It takes quite a lot of work to keep these historic signs from falling apart (read about the yellow sign fixing process here). After all, they are out in the wind and rain 24/7. […]

6th Generation Family of F.M. Light and Sons

A Family Tradition: The 6th Generation Earlier this year, we were able record a moment in history. We filmed a video in F.M. Light and Sons featuring the 6th generation of the Light family. Yes, you heard that correctly. Jeremiah, Simonne and Ethan are the Great-Great-Great grandchildren of Francis Marion Light. We’re  sure that Frank […]