6th Generation Family of F.M. Light and Sons

A Family Tradition: The 6th Generation

Earlier this year, we were able record a moment in history. We filmed a video in F.M. Light and Sons featuring the 6th generation of the Light family. Yes, you heard that correctly. Jeremiah, Simonne and Ethan are the Great-Great-Great grandchildren of Francis Marion Light.

We’re Β sure that Frank Light would be very proud to see his ancestors wearing cowboy boots and hats and carrying on the tradition of quality western wear in Steamboat Springs (we don’t think he’d be surprised to see the horse on Lincoln Avenue, though. Horses were the main transportation in his time!). Great job on filming a great video, kids!
Thank you to Explore Steamboat for filming this fantastic video. We’re very proud to be operating a rare gem; a business that is still owned by the same family, 108 years later.

Here’s to the next 108 years!

2 thoughts on “6th Generation Family of F.M. Light and Sons

  1. Jennifer Campbell

    Great video with a lot of memories for me. When I was that size we got to go get new boots and shirts for the 4th of July rodeo and parade each year at FM Light and Sons.

    I also got to work there one summer while in high school. Always a place to visit when I come home.

    Jennifer (Sprengle)

    1. Susanna LaRosa

      It’s always great to hear from former employees! Good to hear from you. πŸ™‚ So glad you enjoyed the video. I really like it, too. I agree – it shoots me back to when I got new duds for the parade! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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