Summer To Do List: Yellow Sign Painting in 2013

This year, as usual, we began the process of repainting our yellow signs (each year we handle 1/3 of the signs). It takes quite a lot of work to keep these historic signs from falling apart (read about the yellow sign fixing process here). After all, they are out in the wind and rain 24/7. Not to mention the cows that love to use them as back scratchers. Taking all that into consideration, the annual “Yellow Sign Painting” is quite the accomplishment. This year, the signs are especially battle-worn, so we’ll be doing upkeep in the fall as well!

F.M. Light and Sons - Annual Yellow Sign Painting

This sign gave us particular trouble this year. This sign happened to be in the middle of a swamp. We had to trudge through two feet of water to get to it. To top it off, only one of the ladders was able to stand up – the other one sunk into the ground when we tried to use it. So, we had to hang onto the sign while we painted it! Considering that, we think we did a pretty good job!

Do you want to know more about the signs? Read more about the history of the yellow signs, and the yellow sign painting we tackle every year. View a gallery of all of them here!