Sign Painting Process – F.M. Light and Sons Historical Yellow Signs

Our yellow roadsigns are famous. The bright yellow bastions that have welcomed visitors for 90 years are historical markers. Each one is numbered and registered in the state of Colorado. What does it take to keep them beautiful? It takes a whole lot of work! For generations, ancestors of F.M. Light have hit the road to take care of the famous yellow signs. Fifth generation owners Chris and Lindsay (Lindsay is the great-great-granddaugther of F.M. Light!) have taken over the process. Read a full account of the sign painting process here.

A Trip to Fix a Fallen Yellow Road Sign

This trip we encountered a fallen road sign – something we never want to see. When that happens, we have to start from scratch. First, you have to dig new fence post holes, then you’ve got to build the frame of the sign and get it set upright. Then, it’s all about the painting.  Usually, we prime the sign so that the yellow paint will stick, but if the paint is really peeling off of the sign, we have to scrape off all the paint to start fresh! See the whole process below!

Fallen Yellow Sign from F.M. Light and Sons

Uh-oh, a sign has fallen! We’ve got to start fresh with this one.

Chris Dillenbeck from F.M. Light digging fence post holes for a yellow road sign.

First, we’ve got to dig a fence post hole so the sign will stand up straight!

Lindsay (5th generation owner of F.M. Light and Sons) paints the posts of a famous yellow road sign.

Then, you paint the fence posts so that it blends in with the surrounding countryside.

Sign Painting: An F.M. Light yellow roadsign primed for a new coat of yellow paint!

Then, we prime the old sign so that the yellow paint will stick!

 Can’t get enough of the sign painting process or our signs? Check out our photo gallery, or learn more about where the signs came from!