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A Cowboy Valentine

A cowboy’s relationship to Valentine’s Day can be a difficult one. A cowboy’s work requires a special amount of toughness. It also demands commitment and care that may require long and unusual hours. As such, cowboy’s skills and abilities tend to gravitate toward independence and self-reliance. Sometimes these types don’t translate well into some of the […]

“A Valentine’s Day Warning” – by Steve Lucas

Cowboys, despite their distinctive qualities, are susceptible to the foibles that haunt the rest of mankind. In fact, their qualities of independence and self-reliance that enables them to track down a maverick and bring it home can be the same mentality that will cause them to go and do the same thing to a lady friend. It […]

How a Cowboy Gives Thanks – A Poem by Steve Lucas

It is that time of year again when we have the opportunity to think on and be thankful for the many blessings we receive on a daily basis. After all, many of us likely have – within the space of a week – witnessed a beautiful sunrise or a stunning sunset. We’ve likely slept in […]

We Were Them – A Poem by Steve Lucas

Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life. – Proverbs 16:31 Perhaps it’s just the way life works. Maybe it’s the growing part of living that imbues us with strength. But sometimes it does seem a bit unfortunate that successive generations seldom learn from the mistakes of their predecessors. […]

Hattie and Angie Shootin’ the Breeze

When cowboys make small talk while watching the cows, their conversation is referred to as “shooting the breeze.” But what is it called when cows make small talk while being watched by the cowboys? And if cows really were shootin’ the breeze, what would be their subject matter? Steve Lucas took a stab at answering that question, […]

A Cowboy's Thanksgiving Prayer, 2013

Our cowboy poet, Steve Lucas surprised us by sharing another one of his poems for Thanksgiving. We feel so blessed and honored that he shares his work with us. Here is his latest work for Thanksgiving 2013: A Cowboy’s Thanksgiving Prayer.   Dear Lord, The sun is risin’ on this cold November morn, And I’m […]

Happy Mother’s Day from F.M. Light: A Cowboy’s Special Mom – a Poem

Moms are special. So, it makes sense that there is a day to honor them. Our friend Steve Lucas is a talented cowboy poet, and he sent us this poem. We love it so much, and we think you will appreciate it, too. Please share it with your own mother this Sunday, and show your […]

“A Cowboy’s Valentine” – A Poem by Steve Lucas

What is a cowboy’s valentine? It may not be the prettiest card or the fanciest chocolate, but it comes from the heart and that’s what counts. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion. But, let’s not get caught up in the flowers and the cards and the chocolate. Let’s stop and realize what this day is […]