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A Cowboy’s Christmas Recollections

It’s the time of year when we sing about Barney and Ben in “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”, and how they each have a Christmas wish for a pair of Hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots. Now, a pair of Hopalong boots is a wholesome sort of gift that even Hopalong Cassidy would approve of, and probably with a hearty laugh of good humor as well. However much inspired by the Old West these gifts may seem, they don’t necessarily represent authentic western desires. What then does the genuine cowboy want for Christmas? Well, our friend and cowboy poet Steve Lucas has written a poem on just that subject, and we think it does a pretty good job of answering the question.

A Cowboy’s Christmas Recollections

A Cowboy’s Christmas recollection
Might be subject to rejection
By folks who think they know a cowboy’s mind.

Because the pictures Hollywood has proffered
Is not so accurate in what is offered
When you ask a cowboy and you’ll find,

That he remembers the first Christmas
That he and his new missus
Spent in a trailer, a newlywed duet.

Couldn’t get the heater going.
Spent the night watching it snowing
Under every blanket that they could get.

And the hats and boots most cowboys desire
Was not the gift he’d acquire,
And didn’t come in a fancy box.

One really cold and wet December
The favorite gift he can remember
Was one pair of new, clean, dry socks.

A pine tree growing along the trail,
A cowboy’s and shepherd’s Christmas tale
Cows waiting at the gate on Christmas Day

Are not memories that meet expectations
But for a cowboy they are reflections
Of living his life the cowboy way.

Steve Lucas

We hope you’ve enjoyed this poem by Steve Lucas. If you enjoyed this poem feel free to share it with your friends and family. You can also find more cowboy poetry and other writings by Mr. Lucas here. And of course, most importantly we hope that you have a very Merry Christmas.