Our story begins in 1880, when a man named Sam Lucchese came to America from Italy.

He arrived in New Orleans with his brothers at the age of 17, and eventually made his way to Texas. The brothers had a vision for a career in boot-making, and so it was that Lucchese Bros. Boots and Shoes opened for business in San Antonio, Texas. Their close proximity to Fort Sam Houston and the US Army Cavalry stationed there was hugely beneficial for the brothers. By 1919, the small shop was able to produce 35 pairs of boots a day; Sam was concerned with creating as many boots as he could – production and efficiency were his goals.

Sam Lucchese was an incredible craftsman; a finer, more knowledgeable boot-maker could not be found.

He had a fascination and comprehensive understanding of the human foot, which inspired him to imagine and create a boot design that fits like no other shoe. It has gained national recognition for its extraordinary quality and the comfort and fit that is so easily recognized by anyone who puts on a pair of their boots. Sam ran the company with great devotion, but sadly, in 1929 Sam passed away from a stroke, and his son Cosimo assumed control of the company.

Cosimo’s belief about the direction of Lucchese was different from his father; his mission was not to produce in large quantities, but rather to make an impeccable, quality boot at the cost of production numbers.

Because this required Cosimo to lay off several of his workers, the Great Depression came at an opportune time for the business to be reevaluated (orders dropped from 35 a day to 8). Cosimo refocused on each pair of boots, and worked to ensure that each one that left his shop reached an impeccable standard of quality. Because of his commitment to making the best boot possible, Lucchese boots are still the best in the business.

The Lucchese Men - Sam Sr, Cosimo and Sam Jr. - Lucchese Boot Company - Cowboy Boots carried at F.M. Light in Steamboat Springs, CO

There have been changes to the Lucchese company throughout the years, passing from Cosimo to his son, Sam Jr. But their commitment to quality is unsurpassed and can be summed up with this quote from President Lyndon B. Johnson:

“I can’t wear any of the boots I’ve been given, except those you made for me.”

Why is the fit so special?

No other boot in the world fits the human foot like a Lucchese boot. This is due to Sam Sr.’s original, completely unique design.

The design is the only one of its kind in the boot industry to this day.

Lucchese boots are so comfortable and fit so well because Sam Lucchese understood that the human foot is not formed in a straight line. Instead, it twists slightly from the heel to the toe. Thus, he developed the patented twisted cone last., which is designed to fit the actual shape of the foot.

Superior Quality

There isn’t any substitute for the careful, experienced hands of a craftsman, so each pair of boots is hand-inspected twice. And, although the leather seams are skived using a machine, the process is repeated by hand a second time. Because of Cosimos commitment to the rare art of boot-making, each pair of boots takes time. From the selection and cutting of only the finest grade of leathers, to the hand-driven lemon wood pegs and meticulous finishing, each step is critical to a beautiful, quality finished product. Such precise work demands more money, time and skill.

But, when you slip your foot into the rich, soft leather of a Lucchese boot, you’ll know exactly why they insist on only the finest.

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