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  • “A Dirt Road Diary” – What Makes a Real Cowboy?

    What is that essential ingredient that makes someone a real cowboy? This has been a question posed by many a small  child, wondering if the costume chaps, spurs, and cowboy hat give them the right to be associated with the likes of Hopalong and Wayne, Wild Bill and Earp. However, the question......

  • A Christmas Poem: “If God had Chosen Cowboys”

    Merry Christmas from all of us at F.M. Light & Sons! To celebrate this wonderful season here is another poem from our friend Steve Lucas. Enjoy, and may you have a most blessed and festive Christmas day. — If God had Chosen Cowboys Steve Lucas If God had chosen cowboys, instead of those fellers herdin’ sheep......

  • A Cowboy’s Thanksgiving Prayer

    Please enjoy this prayer from the heart of a cowboy this thanksgiving day.   A Cowboy’s Thanksgiving Prayer by Steve Lucas  Dear Lord, It’s been a year of blessed days since I gazed upon this land, And looked to heaven with thanks and praise, For the creation of Your hand.   Again, I marvel at
  • A Cowboy’s Autumn Poem by Steve Lucas

    A Cowboy’s Autumn Poem As the leaves begin to cover the ground and the dustings of snow make their way further down the hillsides with each brisk dawn, we present this poem by Steve Lucas. Our friend Steve has submitted numerous pieces of cowboy poetry to us in the past. Here is his latest contribution; a cowboy’s thoughts
    Lightning loves giving rides almost as much as children love riding him! But most of all he likes to have all of his incredible pictures put in our gallery. Here are his latest poses, along with the children he was giving rides at the time. Come and get your own picture with Lightning! If you send it

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Thanks so much for packing up the black hat for me and sending it to the deeeeeep south. It came in perfect shape and fits just right. It was great to be in the store on May 15th. Bill was very helpful to get the size 7 and 3/4 down from the high hook up front. Could have spent much more time in the store but will save that for the next time. I appreciated the comment about the Burma Shave signs. I grew up in Iowa and have family in S. Dakota and Wyoming. Have a great year and thanks so much.

—Gary C., Clermont, GA.

I'm a native of Colo. Learned to ski in Steamboat, we always stayed at the Rabbit Ears Hotel in the late 60's early 70's. I now have family that lives in Steamboat and it is a favorite place to visit and our kids also love it, in fact our middle kid and her fiancé have chosen the mountain for their wedding this summer, due to fond memories of her childhood. We always visit your establishment when we come to Steamboat; your customer service is amazing, I work for a retailer with a rich heritage similar to yours and appreciate how your business is founded on integrity, perseverance, and quality! Love the history of your business. Keep doing what you are doing!!!

—Ginny R., Texas

I've been shopping at F.M. Light and Son's since 1967, when I would visit my uncle who was the district ranger for the US Forest Service, Routt National Forest. Since then, whenever I found myself on US 40 heading east or west in Colorado, I would stop at your shop. The last two trips we picked up first some gorgeous cowboy boots for my wife and just two years ago we found an equally impressive pair of (size 13) Cayman boots for myself. And even if we don't need anything it is a real joy to see the shop and what you have to offer.

Like the old Burma Shave signs along the highways, the F.M. Light and Son's signs are a joy to see and read. I know I'm getting close when they start to appear.

—William W., Utah