Employee of the Month – Justin Warner

Justin Warner

Justin Warner; FM Light’s March Employee of the Month

Where are you from?

Blanko, TX

How long have you worked at F.M Light?

5 years

What is your favorite Steamboat activity?

Fishing – in all seasons and camping

What is your favorite section in the store?

Hats.  I enjoy shaping new hats and cleaning old hats.  I love when someone brings in a 20 year old beat up hat . . . I enjoy bringing it back to life.

Are there any famous people that you have assisted?

Recently, I stayed open late and helped a customer and I didn’t realize who he was.  He came again the next day and it was Stephen Baldwin!

What is your favorite part helping customers?

I like seeing customers from all over the country and all over the world.  I’ve helped people from China, Saudi Arabia and all over the U.S. buy the perfect hat.  That’s fun.

Ask Justin to help you find the perfect Stetson!