Hey there Ya'all, I used to work there way back in about 1999 taking care of the jeans section / womens areas at your store. Working there is still one of the funnest jobs I've ever had. Glad to know you are still out there selling quality in Steamboat Springs. I'll be back one day to say hello in person! Merry Christmas. Karen (Richmond) Bitely…. Bye the way the SmartWool socks I bought while I was working there are just now starting to wear out, talk about quality, and the crushable hat I bought is needing to be replaced. Hmm seems like I need to visit sooner than later – have a great New Year too!

—Karen B., Oklahoma

We stopped at your store when we were in Steamboat Springs for a day last week. I bought a gorgeous sweater. You carry the styles of clothing I like and find difficult to locate in my neck of the woods. I was hoping you had an on-line store so I could make more purchases. I see your "store" tab says "coming soon". Hope it isn't to long in getting up and running.

—Esther B., Iowa

I love your store! I went down to Steamboat from Breckenridge and I've seen all the signs on the way up there and I just couldn't wait to get to the store. I just loved everything I bought so much that later that day I went again that evening and again the next day. Just could not get enough of the store I love you guys you are the bomb. I cannot wait to go again in a couple of more weeks and do some more shopping. You have such a variety I can't say enough for the store. All I know is I found life again you all are all beautiful and the girl who helped me was sensational. I will be back again and again and again thank you so much for being there!

—Dorothy O., Greeley Colorado

I love western boots!

—Donna C., Kentucky

Thanks so much for packing up the black hat for me and sending it to the deeeeeep south. It came in perfect shape and fits just right. It was great to be in the store on May 15th. Bill was very helpful to get the size 7 and 3/4 down from the high hook up front. Could have spent much more time in the store but will save that for the next time. I appreciated the comment about the Burma Shave signs. I grew up in Iowa and have family in S. Dakota and Wyoming. Have a great year and thanks so much.

—Gary C., Clermont, GA.

I'm a native of Colo. Learned to ski in Steamboat, we always stayed at the Rabbit Ears Hotel in the late 60's early 70's. I now have family that lives in Steamboat and it is a favorite place to visit and our kids also love it, in fact our middle kid and her fiancé have chosen the mountain for their wedding this summer, due to fond memories of her childhood. We always visit your establishment when we come to Steamboat; your customer service is amazing, I work for a retailer with a rich heritage similar to yours and appreciate how your business is founded on integrity, perseverance, and quality! Love the history of your business. Keep doing what you are doing!!!

—Ginny R., Texas

I've been shopping at F.M. Light and Son's since 1967, when I would visit my uncle who was the district ranger for the US Forest Service, Routt National Forest. Since then, whenever I found myself on US 40 heading east or west in Colorado, I would stop at your shop. The last two trips we picked up first some gorgeous cowboy boots for my wife and just two years ago we found an equally impressive pair of (size 13) Cayman boots for myself. And even if we don't need anything it is a real joy to see the shop and what you have to offer.

Like the old Burma Shave signs along the highways, the F.M. Light and Son's signs are a joy to see and read. I know I'm getting close when they start to appear.

—William W., Utah

Great cowboy lifestyle store!

—Guy B., Minnesota

Found out about you through Corral Boots and will be ordering some boots from you as soon as I can!!

—Carol H., Texas

I love this store so much!! I cannot wait to visit again on our next vacation to Steamboat! Everyone Is so nice! Favorite store in Colorado ;) Absolutely LOVE this store! Awesome!!

—Abby, Illinois

I spent a year working at a local store in SS’s and would spend my lunch hours at the store just looking. Couldn’t afford much; but, I just liked the people and products!! Miss it and hope you are in business for generations to come!! I’ll be back one day!

—Janis S., Michigan

We LOVE FM Lights!! Quality fun gear- something for everyone! Several times during vacation we stopped in to the most friendly folks who truly care about all things Steamboat- even our visit. Ginger’s worn in her new boots since we left the store and tells everyone about Lights. Anyone visiting Steamboat should stop in at FM Lights!

—Audrey and Ginger, Conneticut

I’m from the west coast of Scotland, and loved visiting your store in Steamboat Springs in 1998, when I first came to Steamboat to snowboard."

—Steven K., Scotland

Saw your name in a murder mystery book I read. The author wrote about visiting your store for cowboy boots and western wear. (Book is "Death on Heels," by Ellen Byerrum.)

—Susan C., Texas

As I was growing up in the 60's my family always went to Steamboat for vacation. We always looked for the signs on the way, and once in town visited the store. I sat upon Lightning many times throughout the years, and always enjoyed visiting the store. As the years went by, I learned to ski and my number one pick was always Steamboat. The view from Rabbit Ears pass is amazing. I love Steamboat and miss it a lot as I now live near Houston, TX.

—Linda F., Houston

Saw all your signs coming from Denver & had to check it out. Awesome store.

—Ellie and Jim, British Columbia

No visit to Steamboat Springs can be complete without a visit to F.M. Light.
Every visitor and passer - bye will be taken in by the polite and knowledgeable sales - staff found at the store. One will feel almost empty without buying a hat, a Stetson , jeans or even a pair of original boots!

Take it from me, I traveled thousands of miles to see Steamboat Springs - and F.M. Light.

Wish I could have more time to visit as often as I wanted.

It was a pleasure to visit your store.
Heinz Rainer, from Sound of Music country

—Heinz R., Austria

I had the extreme good fortune of visiting the store while passing through Steamboat Springs with the Bicycle Tour of Colorado. Bought a pair of beautiful Dan Post Boots that my friends back here in Pittsburgh are envious of. F. M. Light is always the high point of my trips to Colorado. When are you going to open a store back East?

—Dave C., Pittsburgh

Bought my first pair of "real" cowgirl boots while in town for skiing in March. Loved the stored, loved the people. If I ever need another pair of boots, I am willing to travel!

—S.L., Atlanta

When I was young like 6 or 7 I would go with my father to your store as he always bought his Steston hats from you. Your ladder that has wheels on it was too much of a temptetion for me at this age so I would push and then jump on the laddeer for a free ride needless to say I knocked off many of your hats and I just know that my father could have disowned me in an instant...needless to say I am now 73 and stil remember your store from this experience.....we lived in Mt Harris.

—Joseph H., Mt. Harris

Thanks to Angela and 3 or 4 other ladies who helped me pick out some great Scully shirts, a Justin hat, a couple scarves (I forgot the name for them) and some Wranglers. It was a top experience when I was in Steamboat last week. I'm home in CT now and my neighbors think I went insane! Thanks again.

—Mark B., Conneticut

Finally, I got my boots I dreamed of for years! thanx, Angela!

—Peter, Switzerland

Just back from Steamboat Springs. Loved the skiing & FM Light store. Brought great ski memories & some wonderful western wear home to NJ. Your store is one of the reasons I may move to Steamboat permanently. Thanks!

—Joy R., New Jersey

Enjoyed reading about my heritage. I am Frank M. Light's fourth child, R. Wayne Light and Helen's granddaughter. I live in Washington state, but recently I was able to visit the Light Fort in Pennsylvania. Hope to make it out to "Colorada" (as Grandpa use to say) soon.

—Lise' B., Washington

Enjoyed reading about my heritage. I am Frank M. Light's fourth child, R. Wayne Light and Helen's granddaughter. I live in Washington state, but recently I was able to visit the Light Fort in Pennsylvania. Hope to make it out to "Colorada" (as Grandpa use to say) soon.

—Lise' B., Washington

Worked on a ranch north of Steamboat during summer months. Went to "town" on Saturday's to do laundry, shop, dinner at the A&W, then go to the Chief movie theater. Always stopped in at FM Light & sons. 1969 - 1974, every summer, then somehow I ended up in Jersey. Always remember those days as the best ones. Thanks for still being there.....

—John B., New Jersey

Traveling to Steamboat as an eight year old in 1971, i could not miss the F.M. Light and Sons signs. Every time we drove, my brothers and i could not wait to see the familiar black and yellow signs, as it meant our journey from Ohio was almost over. Its been several years since i have been to town, but i have always made it a point to stop at your store. Thanks for some memories.

—Tony A., Ohio

I’m from New Jersey, so it’s not like we know good merchandise and what the real ‘style’ is. However what I can recognize is excellent customer service, and knowing when I look damn good in something. Cindy helped me both times I was out there, and even though both times were roughly a year apart, she recognized me and my girlfriend in an instant. My first visit, Cindy helped me out with the top half. A new Hat and a good western style tie had everyone convinced I was from the area (Even though they were taken by surprise that I was from out of state to begin with). She was wary about the hat at first, saying not a lot of people were able to pull it off, but her tone changed the second she plopped it on my head. There was only one on the shelf and it was to large, but she taught me a great trick for re-sizing hats, and all we needed was a piece of cloth. What really rounded out the experience was the vest she pointed out that had been left lying on one of the benches by the boots. She suggested I try it on and it not only fit like a charm, but looked damn good on me too. Roughly a year went by before my next visit, but Cindy was there to greet me. This time she helped me pick out a pair of shoes which I still wear to this day. She even helped me convince my Girlfriend to buy a beautiful jacket, despite the fact that she’s quite the penny pincher! My name is Marcello and my Girlfriend’s name is Kala. I can say for certain that whenever I visit the Steamboat I will stopping into FM Light to see Cindy and the rest of the wonderful Staff! Even though the date is stated as May 2011 it was in early and late 2010 (Around May and October to be exact).

—Marcello V., New Jersey

Thank you, Mark, for your amazing help with our Corral boots, Stetson shirt, Levis and Wrangle "Booty" jeans! We are gonna have to write a song in your honor - and about those awesome F.M. Light & Sons road signs!

—Jamesons Co-Dependent Country Band,

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your store! Have purchased two pairs of AWESOME Lucchese Classics from you (and a very cool F.M. Light coffee mug). The associates there are the best to work with, so friendly and out going. Thanks F.M. Light, looking forward to much more shopping from your great store!

—Jeff G., Ohio

Exceptional customer service is of utmost importance to our company. Having worked in the hospitality industry for many years, I am very aware of what a difference outstanding customer service can make to the success of a business.

Last week I visited F M Light & Sons in Steamboat, Colorado (well known for their cowboy hats & cowboy boots) in search of a pair of shorts...
Today, I received an envelope in the mail...[enclosed was] a handwritten note from the sales girl...Now I can truly understand why FM Light and Sons has been in business since 1905.

—Sue Leonard,

Thank you – Keep it up! Great service! :)

—Briawna, Tennessee

Remind my husband I want new coat!!

—Kip and Mary, Minnesota

Had to stop in – we followed your signs!

—The Banman's and the Cheesman's, Kansas

Had to stop in – we followed your signs!

—The Banman's and the Cheesman's, Kansas

Good as usual. 1st store to hit when in town.

—Dave, Illinois

Worth reading all the signs.

—Glen and Betty, Missouri

Keep going!

—Jim and Jennice, Delaware

Very friendly.

—Steve, Minnesota


—Roy and Tracey, Maine

Quality Outfitter.

—F.C., Chicago

Love my new boots!!! Thanks for all the help!

—Dan and Cindy, California

Very nice shop.

—Babine, Germany

Love the rodeo. Love the store. First time I saw Wrangler’s since the 70′s.

—The Chatot Family, Pennsylvania

Thanks for keeping the Faith.

—Rick, Texas

Great place to shop.

—Steven, Kansas

Awesome store!

—Laura, Iowa

Great Store!

—Janie, Pueblo

Great Store really liked it.

—Bryan, New Hampshire

Love seeing the website – my grandfather E D Light would be proud.

—Gina Light, Steamboat Springs

On our drive from Denver to Steamboat, we saw at least 10 signs for this store. So of course we had to check it out. It was worth it. The store has a great selection and the employees were very helpful. F.M. Light is the best shopping experience in Steamboat. It is a must see when visiting Steamboat.

—City Girl, Los Angeles

When I’m in Steamboat, I always shop in your store. I think it’s awesome! Nothing CLOSE to this in Northern Indiana! I’ll be back :) .

—Susan M., Indiana

I bought a Wah-Maker ladies coat from your store last Easter. I absolutely love it. It is an instant figure flattering must have in any woman’s wardrobe. I live in South Louisiana and it’s a perfect winter coat. I wear it with jeans, pants, dresses, and skirts. It’s the most versatile piece I own. I wish I had one in every color.

—Vickie B., Louisiana

I always enjoy visiting your store whenever I go to Steamboat. I’m from New York city. We do not have anything like your store here.Thanks for being there.Hope to see you soon if not later.My wife and I love Steamboat.It reminds me of what the west is about.

—Corydon E., New York City

“Just got my new Stetson yesterday, It’s perfect, an Open Road in silverbelly. Gonna get all gussied up and go sashayin around Boulder and the horse races and show off. Thanks to two beautiful gals, you know who you are, your are the best.”

—Lance J., Boulder