Outback Trading Co.

Outback (outback), n.1. isolated rural country, esp. of Australia. 2. harsh, untamed environment. 3. beyond civilization

Our family recently watched Return to Snowy River. Not only is the footage iconic, but the clothing is striking. While we watched it, we noticed the costuming, and how similar it was to a vendor that we sell: Outback Trading Company.

This unique company began making clothing in 1983; supplying oilskin, outerwear and head wear. Tough, well-constructed, efficient and durable, Outback’s clothing is designed to withstand any foul weather mother nature can provide.

Australian Picture of the Australian Outback

Outback’s most distinctive piece is the oilskin duster: a key survival piece for any Australian horseman. The duster originated in the late 1800’s. It’s design was taken from oil sail cloth that sailors used to protect themselves from the lashing winds and seas. The early Australian stock men faced similar weather conditions; their job consisted of herding herds of cattle across the outback, during rain season. And they had a schedule to keep. The oilskin duster literally became a survival piece.

When is an oilskin duster fashionable?

The excerpts below are taken from outbacktradingcompany.blogspot.com

Outback Oilskin Duster always in fashion!

“I was at a very formal dinner affair this Saturday. The ladies and gents were dresses for the red carpet. I was aware that a band was hired for the affair. I walked in and I spotted a member of the band wearing an oilskin duster. I had to go and chat with him and get all the dirt on him and his duster. His face lit up as he told me his duster story. Of course it is his absolute fav coat and it goes with him everywhere. One of the other band members offered some info that he maybe didn’t want me to know, he stated that he even sleeps with his duster. Of course I told him that I want pictures of that! We all had a good laugh.Every time the band had a 5 min. break he would throw on his most prized possession ( his duster), walk through the sea of top hats and gowns, and out the door he went. I just love that no matter the venue, or the class of people, the Outback Duster is always in good fashion!”

And here is another example:

Vancouver Weather Man wearing Outback Duster

Oilskin Duster from Outback Trading Company | Carried at F.M. Light and Sons in Steamboat Springs, CO | Western Wear for Over 100 Years

“During the Winter Olympics the big talk was the weather. So every time you tuned in to watch there was always someone reporting what the weather was doing. Rain and warm temperatures put people in rain slickers instead of down jackets. Of course I am in the outerwear industry and I am always checking out people jackets. Don’t you know, I am watching yet another weatherman standing out in the rain giving his predicted forecast and he is wearing an Outback Duster. I went nuts, my family thought that we won another gold medal. Well to me we did, Outback went to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver Canada!”