Gift Wrapping Elves


A recent excerpt about last year’s elf resources mix-up

Elves missing from the North Pole? Uneaten sugar cookie rations? This sounds like quite the Christmas mystery.

It could be, anyway, if we didn’t already know had happened. You see, every year we put together a gift wrapping team to wrap the gifts that our customers buy, as well as any other gifts they might need wrapped while they’re waiting. And last year we thought, “who better to be on this crack gift wrapping team than several of Santa’s elves?”

Now before we say anything else we want to correct a rumor that has been going around about Santa. Some people have said that he doesn’t read all of the letters that he receives from children; that he’s too busy to take the time to read them all himself so he has his elves do it. And we would like to put the record straight here – this idea is patently untrue and just plain silly. We know because we tried to talk to Santa about borrowing some of his elves. We have a good working relationship with Santa because he has the same passion for customer service that has lasted for generations. Last year, however, we weren’t able to talk with him directly because he is so busy personally reading all of his letters. His spokeself explained to us:

“Santa insists in reading each letter himself because he believes in maintaining that personal connection with these children who believe in him. He also believes that it helps ensure that he delivers the correct gifts to the correct children on Christmas Eve.”

So while we weren’t able to talk to Santa directly, his spokeself did forward us to the North Pole’s ER department, who then set us up with several gift-wrapping elves that came to work with us until the end of the Christmas season.

This was all last year. Unfortunately in the midst of the end of season rush some of the paperwork didn’t get filed correctly and a memo or two got missed, and for several days the North Pole thought that several else had gone missing. It wasn’t until after Christmas that we noticed the headline and contacted Santa – who finally had some downtime and was able to talk to us – and let him know that the elves were down in Steamboat and had been wrapping gifts for us. It all got worked out in the end, but the North Pole was pretty worried for a few days.

All of this to say, however, that the elves are back this year and they are wrapping gifts for us again. In fact, they liked Steamboat so much at Christmas time that they have decided to Santa’s special cowboy elves that come to Steamboat every year to help us out.

So if you are downtown shopping and need some gifts wrapped, come on by F.M. Light & Sons – we’ve got Santa’s own Cowboy Elves here to wrap up all of your gifts and get you ready for Christmas morning. They’ll be here all day December 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 24th.

They are pretty darn good at wrapping gifts, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of sugar cookies they can eat.