“A Valentine’s Day Warning” – by Steve Lucas

Cowboys, despite their distinctive qualities, are susceptible to the foibles that haunt the rest of mankind.

In fact, their qualities of independence and self-reliance that enables them to track down a maverick and bring it home can be the same mentality that will cause them to go and do the same thing to a lady friend. It can be a dangerous, hurtful, and confusing behavior, which is to say it’s very much still human behavior. Thank heavens that we have the wisdom of other people who understand such things, and can explain to us how to respond to what is going on. In fact, we’ll let our friend Steve Lucas take over here, in this insightful Valentine’s Day warning poem.

A Valentine’s Day Warning

Now girls, one thing I know for certain,

Cowboys are sure good at flirtin.’

Don’t let a sly smile and wink

Let you for a moment think

That it’s a sign that he’s transmittin’

He’s a candidate for committin’

To some long term romance.

I warn you, do not take a chance.

‘Cause the cowboys that I’ve know by far

Were born under a wanderin’ star.

His teasin’s not a real good sign

That he’ll become your valentine.

If you encourage him with a smile,

He might stay ‘round a little while.

You might get candy or a flower,

And time together for an hour

Or two to check the pasture fold.

It’s called a cowboy date, I’m told.

He might even sing you a song,

But in the morning, he’ll be gone.

It’s just a young cowboy’s way

To live to love another day.

So for now, ignore his flirtin’,

Let his ego do some hurtin’.

Let hearts he’s broken haunt his mind.

Let him grow up, then you’ll find,

There’ll come a time, he’ll come to stay

And profess his love on Valentine’s Day.

So you see, just like the maverick he’s often busy chasing, a cowboy sometimes needs the thorns and briars of life to tear up some of his thick hide. Then when his learning is over he’ll come on back, and he’ll be a better man for it. We can only hope that by then it won’t be too late!