Our Fan Photos

Have we mentioned how much we love hearing from our customers?

In case we’ve already mentioned it we won’t go into great deal about it again. But believe us when we say that we can wax long and eloquent on the subject of our wonderful customers. Suffice to say that we’ve received some new fan photos that we wanted to share with you.

Now, when we say fan photos we don’t necessarily mean photos of our fans, although many of these people have said that they enjoy visiting our store. What we do intend to say, however, is that these are people’s photos of whom we are fans. We are YOUR fan. And that’s why we are putting your picture on our blog.

We’ll start out with some Lightning Riders.

Lightning has been greeting people in front of the store for 63 years. He’s had a few new coats of paint and a few holes patched up, but he’s the same mascot horse that Mr. Light bought in 1949. In fact, Lightning has given rides to so many visitors to Steamboat Springs over the years that the town has designated him as a historical asset. We also love sharing any Lightning rider pictures that people share with us – its a tradition  that is over half a century old.

If you would like to share your own photo of Lightning, feel free to share it with us on our Facebook page, or email it to us using this form. You can also share it on Instagram or any other social media platform with the hashtag #lightningrider. Lightning also would love it if you would visit our Lightning Rider Gallery, where we’ve archived all of the #lightningrider photos, including the ones that were taken before hashtags even existed.

#lightningrider photos are the bulk of the photos that we receive from customers.

But we also receive quite a few from people having fun in their western garb. A few months ago we featured a photo of a gentleman wearing his new cowboy hat in front of one of our yellow signs. Thankfully he didn’t need the sign because he had the foresight to buy a hat before leaving town. But he did stop and take that great picture, which we believe was well worth the effort.

fan photo

A cowboy and his cowgirl mom, bringing some Wild West to New Hampshire.

We received this photo from some friends a few months ago, hailing all the way from New Hampshire. These two love visiting Steamboat Springs every year for Winter Carnival, and enjoy their western wear all year around. We think they look mighty fine indeed. Thank you Billie and Gianluca for the great picture!

Like we said in the beginning, it’s always good to hear from customers. It’s good to see that you are out there enjoying your duds and sharing some of the spirit of the West wherever it is that life has taken you.

We certainly hope to see you if ever you come back our way, and until then, God bless!