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A Customer Photo

A customer of ours recently sent us a photo that reminded us of one simple but significant fact: We love our customers. That may seem like a trite statement. But we use it here because it is simple and to the point and doesn’t require lengthly explanation. It’s just a straightforward way to say what’s on […]

This little fella is all decked out in his cowboy gear!

Latest Lightning Rider Gallery

Lightning loves giving rides almost as much as children love riding on him. Most of all he likes to have all of his incredible pictures put in our gallery. If it wasn’t for his inflexible limbs and lack of opposable thumbs he would just take his own selfies. But as it is he has to let […]

F.M. Light and Sons Around the World: Lander, WY

We love to see where our customers and friends are from. We love hearing from you all so much that we’ve dedicated pages on our website to showcase the pictures we receive. One of these of course, include our famous horse, Lightning. The other shows the travels and lives of our customers in our Around […]

4th of July Celebrations

We love the 4th of July, and all that it entails. How do you celebrate the freedom this country enjoys? We would love to know! Two years ago we received this photo: This is Alex, and he took this picture in Iraq where spent one of his 4th of July’s. He says it’s “not exactly […]

Help F.M. Light & Sons Travel the World – Send us your Pictures

We have many fans from many different places. Since we love our fans and the pictures they send in, we have dedicated a page on this website to the pictures we receive. If you have a picture of yourself: Wearing one of our t-shirts, Exhibiting an F.M. Light’s badge, Or sporting a bumper sticker (oh […]