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An Old West Photo

We enjoy connecting with people from around the world. We enjoy it for many reasons, but two of them are related. First, we enjoy it because we love to share our little part of the Old West with other people who don’t have a western lifestyle. They’ve come to Steamboat to experience our unique culture, […]

Commercial Captures the Hardworking Spirit of the Cowboy

Here at F.M. Light and Sons, we obviously love all things western. This isn’t just because the wild west was wild, or because it is full of adventure and discovery. It’s because the men and the women of the old west were strong folks who knew how to get things done. They had a code […]

How to Fit and Wear a Lucchese Boot | F.M. Light and Sons

Cowboy boots fit differently than other shoes. But, they are the most comfortable. Especially when you’re wearing a pair of fine Lucchese boots. Check out this guide on how to fit and wear a Lucchese boot: Click Here to Download the Lucchese Fit Guide

Cattle Drive and Ranch Rodeo in Steamboat Springs, CO

<<<<UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to the drought and high heat, the cattle drive has been canceled. Read more about the cancellation on Steamboat Pilot’s website. >>>> But, the Ranch Rodeo is still on. At 1:00pm, be at the Romick Arena for the Ranch Rodeo. Now, this isn’t a rodeo where you’ll see crazy bucking broncos or […]