An Old West Photo

We enjoy connecting with people from around the world. We enjoy it for many reasons, but two of them are related.

First, we enjoy it because we love to share our little part of the Old West with other people who don’t have a western lifestyle. They’ve come to Steamboat to experience our unique culture, and we’re excited to share it with them and learn about their’s as well.

Second, we also enjoy connecting with people because oftentimes these people are visiting our corner of the Old West from another corner of the Old West. And then we get to swap stories and share a laugh about our way of life. After all, regardless of your background, there are certain absurdities in life that demand no other answer. And if you can’t laugh at yourself, well, you will eventually after you get bucked off a few more times.

Philosophizing aside, however, the other day we had a visitor from another corner of the Old West. This gentleman’s name is Bob Noland and he raises buffalo herds. He loves Colorado and came into the store for a visit. We certainly enjoyed his visit, and we took a picture with him and Peggy, our wonderful store manager.

We were particularly proud of how this picture turned out, however, because of how much like the Old West it actually looks. Both Mr. Noland and Peggy look the part because, well, they really are the genuine articles. Just in case you can’t see it, we fancied the picture up a bit to look like it came off an old tintype. Don’t worry though, we’ve also posted the original photo so you can see it in color too.

old west photo

Peggy and Mr. Noland circa 1891

old west photo

The actual Peggy and Mr. Noland, circa just the other day

We would like to thank Mr. Noland for stopping by, and hope to see him again soon! You can see other photos of our customers, here. Also don’t forget to check out our Lightning Rider gallery which undoubtedly includes all of our most adorable visitors.