How a Cowboy Gives Thanks – A Poem by Steve Lucas

It is that time of year again when we have the opportunity to think on and be thankful for the many blessings we receive on a daily basis. After all, many of us likely have – within the space of a week – witnessed a beautiful sunrise or a stunning sunset. We’ve likely slept in warm beds and we’ve been satisfied with hot meals. Lot’s of these things we tend to take for granted, or at least forget about in the rush of our daily lives. But there some of us who have a more elemental connection with the way things are. With what each of us started out with compared to what we’ve got now. And if you look at it that way, well, then we all have a lot more to be thankful for than we realize.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of everything though, and to be honest a lot of us are probably out of practice. In these instances it can be helpful to have a cowboy show us how it is that a cowboy gives thanks. Why a cowboy in particular, you ask? Well, for starters he probably won’t leave anything out. You’ll see.

A text version which may be easier to read can be found below.

cowboy gives thanks

All of us at F.M. Light & Sons would like to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. We would also like to thank Mr. Lucas for sharing “How a Cowboy Gives Thanks” because we certainly enjoyed sharing it with you. Other poems and stories by Steve Lucas can be found here. Of course, feel free to share this poem with your family and friends!

How A Cowboy Gives Thanks

Steve Lucas

Most folks’ lists will be fairly short, though the Lord’s been good to most.
They don’t want to say too much; they sure don’t want to boast.
But I’ll warn you, if a cowboy has been invited to the feast
Be prepared for an oration of twenty minutes at the least.

‘Cause a cowboy’s seriously thankful for the blessings God bestows
Most days it’s just him and the Lord, and you can bet he knows,
That the miracles he sees every day come from heaven above
He and God have a relationship; it’s almost hand in glove.

So he can’t wait to share what he’s seen with anyone who’ll listen
‘bout the beauty of fall colors and spider webs that glisten
In the morning sun, and calves sleeping in the shade.
He won’t take the credit; it’s all what God has made.

He won’t see folks getting antsy, or the dinner getting cold
He’ll just keep sharing his long list. He cannot be controlled.
So go ahead and eat your dinner, he won’t mind you anyway.
He’ll eat his later with his dog and horse. It’s just the cowboy way

On Thanksgiving Day, folks will join in houses across our land
To share the things they are thankful for, both the little and the grand
Like health and wealth and family, food, pets and friends they’ve made,
paid off loans, new smart phones, and their daughter’s passing grades.