This little fella is all decked out in his cowboy gear!

Latest Lightning Rider Gallery

Lightning loves giving rides almost as much as children love riding on him.

Most of all he likes to have all of his incredible pictures put in our gallery. If it wasn’t for his inflexible limbs and lack of opposable thumbs he would just take his own selfies. But as it is he has to let kids take rides on his back in exchange for pictures. So when you take pictures of your little #lightningrider and send them to us, you are not only getting their picture posted in our latest Lightning Rider gallery but you are also doing Lightning a huge favor. You are also doing a great public service; look at how happy these kids are. We bet that after seeing some of these smiles you’ll be a little bit happier yourself.

So without further ado, here is Lightning striking his most recent poses, along with the latest lightning rider he was carrying at the time.

So come on downtown and get your own picture with Lightning! You can send your latest lightning rider picture to us or share it via Facebook or Twitter  with the hashtag #lightningrider. We’ll be sure to put it here on our Latest Lightning Rider page as well as our main Lightning Rider Gallery. The main photo gallery includes all of the #lightningrider pictures that we have archived – even the old fashioned ones that were sent to us before the internet age.

In fact, Lightning has been a part of downtown Steamboat Springs since 1949, and people have been posing in Lightning’s photos ever since. Lightning’s story of how he met Mr. Light and was brought to the store can be found on our History page.

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