A Cowboy’s Autumn Poem by Steve Lucas

A Cowboy’s Autumn Poem

As the leaves begin to cover the ground and the dustings of snow make their way further down the hillsides with each brisk dawn, we present this poem by Steve Lucas. Our friend Steve has submitted numerous pieces of cowboy poetry to us in the past. Here is his latest contribution; a cowboy’s thoughts on the changing seasons.


There’s a Cricket in the Corner

          There’s a cricket in the corner and he’s singin’ his same old song
A repetitive reminder that summer’s really gone.
The leaves have started turnin,’ my pony’s coat is gettin’ thick
The days are getting’ shorter, sayin’ frost will be here quick.

          There’s a cricket in the corner and his racket will not quit.
I’d blame him for my sleepless night, but I really must admit,
That cowboys lie awake at night and worry about the snow.
Will there be enough feed for nights when it’s thirty-five below?

          There’s a cricket in the corner, I’ll just let his serenade
Lull me to sleep to dream about summer siestas in the shade.
There’s just no use frettin’ about what winter will send my way.
We’ll deal with it and get through it ‘cause that’s the cowboy way.

Steve Lucas

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