A Cowboy’s Thanksgiving Prayer

Please enjoy this prayer from the heart of a cowboy this thanksgiving day.


A Cowboy’s Thanksgiving Prayer

by Steve Lucas

 Dear Lord,

It’s been a year of blessed days

since I gazed upon this land,

And looked to heaven with thanks and praise,

For the creation of Your hand.


Again, I marvel at the seasons’ change:

The reds of fall, the greens of spring,

Deer and antelope bounding ‘cross the range

The sweet refrain that skylarks sing.


And I wonder how, of all mankind,

And all the places on this sphere,

That only by Your love and grace

I find myself standing here


In this land and on this ground

Where I am free to give

Thanks for the blessings that abound

From the cowboy’s life I live.


I thank You for the summer rain,

And sunny winter days

For rolling fields of golden grain,

And for these cows that graze


On hillsides in the morning sun

While their calves sleep in the shade

I thank you, Lord, you let me be one

To live in this wonder you have made.