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Six New Cowgirl Boots

We love the relationship we have with our customers. From helping someone find that perfect gift or getting a person fitted into their first cowboy hat, there are moments that make our job exciting and memorable.

One of our favorite moments is fitting customers with new cowboy boots.

So imagine the amount of fun we had when we got to fit a group of friends with six new cowgirl boots.

Whether a person has never tried on cowboy boots or they are an old-timer needing to replace their old worn out pair, the moment when their heel makes that “thunk” sound we can always tell by the look on their face: This is the one. If the customer is new to the cowboy boot scene then the look on their face is always one of wonder; they’ve never felt this way about how well a piece of footwear feels. And if – as we say – this isn’t their first rodeo, then their expression is one of welcome familiarity; this boot relationship is about to begin all over again.

And oh yes, what a good relationship it is.

Of course, if you’ve owned a pair of well-fitted cowboy boots then you know what we are talking about. And you also know how wonderful it must be to be able to share the experience with customers on a regular basis. Oftentimes after such a transaction we never hear from the customer again. It doesn’t hurt too much; after all we weren’t planning on getting hitched or anything. But more often than you might think we do hear back. They just loved their new boots so much that they wanted to tell us about it. And honestly we’re never  too surprised. There is just something special about new boots.

six new cowgirl bootsHere is a group who were just the kind of customers we are talking about. These girls came in a few months back and each of them bought their first pair of cowboy boots. Well, to be correct they got themselves new cowgirl boots, which really and truly are much more exciting. Of course, when three friends come together and buy cowgirl boots they have to show off their purchase. So they took some pictures and send them to us. Naturally we were thrilled because we remembered the good time we had getting them fitted in their new boots and was great to be able to re-live the excitement. So exciting, in fact, that we wanted to share it with you.

Here you go. Three very happy cowgirls and six new cowgirl boots.