Good Times at the Community Barn Dance

Last month we were proud to be a part of the Community BBQ & Barn Dance

The Barn Dance is an annual event hosted by the Rotary Club of Steamboat Springs and it’s always a memorable get-together that is genuine fun for anyone who is young at heart. We’re especially fond of events that bring people together not only as a community but also as part of a diverse range of ages; there is just something special about children and grandparents and everyone in-between enjoying one another’s company.

This year we sponsored one of the children’s craft tables. After all, while it is nice to have people of all ages enjoy a good time together, it is important to let mom and dad get in at least a few dances without the kids. We could go on and on about how fun it all turned out to be but that would be less effective than just showing you. The Rotary Club graciously allowed us to share some of their pictures on this page, and their entire album can be found here. We warn you though. If you are in a bad mood or are generally fine with having a sour outlook on life then you better not look at these pictures, as the smiling faces that they contain are mighty contagious.

In fact, we offer you this challenge: Put a forced frown on your face, look through the following six pictures, and try your best not to smile. We bet that you can’t do it. On the off chance that you are able to manage it, set your mind at ease and head on over to the Rotary Club’s main gallery, 2015 Barn Dance Photos. We guarantee  you’ll be smiling before you reach the end.