Breast Cancer Awareness Isn’t For Just One Month

Just about everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Unfortunately it is all too easy to become accustomed to seeing pink ribbons everywhere and forget why they are there in the first place. Not to mention that October is over anyway. But these should not be excuses for us to be any less vigilant. That’s why we are teaming up with the Gloria Gossard Breast Health Center and Old Gringo Boots for a two-month long campaign to get women in our community screened for breast cancer.

We have a particular interest in highlighting the importance of receiving regular mammograms. F.M. Light’s granddaughter, our very own mother and grandmother (and great grandmother!) Annabeth Light Lockhart is living proof of the importance of remaining vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. Annabeth is a two-time breast cancer survivor and can speak with great wisdom on both how early detection saved her life, and how a positive attitude can make the difference in the thick of the fight.

That’s why we’re making her the central feature of our end of the campaign. First, it’s a way for us to celebrate a woman who is dear to our heart. And second, she can be an inspiration to other women as an example of the powerful combination of strength, faith, and diligence that is capable of beating breast cancer. Twice.

As such, Annabeth was featured in issues of the Steamboat Pilot & Today on both the 5th and 19th of October. The second article details Annabeth’s cancer story and gives valuable insight into how she was able to fight and overcome the disease that she encountered twice in the course of 20 years. Despite the fact that at the time a breast cancer diagnosis was considered to be almost a death sentence, Annabeth stresses what is most important when facing these circumstances. First, she says, you have to approach your health aggressively. Get informed and take action. And second, no matter what, remain optimistic. Read the second article, here, to see a great photo of Annabeth in our “pink window” and to see what else she has to say about breast cancer.

The purpose of the campaign, of course, is to encourage women to receive mammograms. As an incentive every woman who receives a mammogram at the Gloria Gossard Breast Health Center by November 30th will have a chance to enter a drawing.* The drawing will be held on December 1st. And the winner will win their choice of any pair of Old Gringo Boots from F.M. Light & Sons, up to a value of  $600.

Mammograms can be scheduled by calling (970) 871-299 or by visiting Saturday appointments are available.

After all, mammograms are the most effective way of detecting breast cancer as early as possible. Unfortunately it is all too easy to let even the most important things get pushed aside. That is why, as Annabeth believes, it is as important as ever to take charge of our own health. Breast Cancer Awareness Month might be over. But it’s never too late to make an appointment and get screened. And you could just win a pair of Old Gringo Boots.

*No purchase necessary. Forms available for free at the Gloria Gossard Breast Health Center