A Cowboy's Thanksgiving Prayer, 2013

Our cowboy poet, Steve Lucas surprised us by sharing another one of his poems for Thanksgiving. We feel so blessed and honored that he shares his work with us. Here is his latest work for Thanksgiving 2013: A Cowboy’s Thanksgiving Prayer.

Cowboy Poem, Thanksgiving 2013


Dear Lord,

The sun is risin’ on this cold November morn,

And I’m givin’ thanks to you that I was born,

In a land, and on the land where I am free to say,

That I can live my life out here, and live the cowboy way.

When I’m checkin’ cattle in the rain, or fencin’ in the snow,

I may forget to thank you, Lord but you are there and show

me what to be thankful for like a rainbow in the blue

sky after the storm has passed and calves bustin’ through

Powdery snow on a frosty day, and the first green grass of spring,

Deer out grazin’ with the herd and the bob whites taking wing.

And I thank you Lord for my family, my daughter and my wife.

I thank you we can raise her up to live the cowgirl life.

I thank you for the year that’s past, and for the one ahead,

for old friends, and for new friends.  I know I haven’t said

thanks enough, so I’m taking this special time to say,

thanks for your love and blessings, on this Thanksgiving Day.

– Steve Lucas