A Hay in the Manger – a Christmas Poem by Steve Lucas

A text version of this poem can be found below.

We hope you enjoy this Christmas poem and this Christmas season, especially the moments in which you can take time to reflect.

That’s one reason we like the works of Steve Lucas and cowboy poetry in general. There’s just something about the setting and the pacing that ignites our imagination and fills our heart with a longing to share our joy with the next person we meet. That’s one of the reasons we enjoy the Christmas season so much; so much of the season is about giving and sharing, and sharing the western lifestyle is what we do. Feel free to share this Christmas poem – as well as the other poetry that Steve has written – with your friends and loved ones.

And a very warm and merry Christmas from Steve Lucas and all of us at F.M. Light & Sons!

A Hay in the Manger

On Christmas morn, before it’s light,

He’ll head outside and bear the bite

Of numbing cold or pelting snow

‘‘Cause it’s what he does; he has to go.


The stock is waiting in the breaks

For their Christmas meal, so he takes

A little extra, better hay,

And watches as they make their way


To the scattered heaps of feed.

He checks em, counts, and wishes he’d

Been in Bethlehem on Christmas morn

When the Christ child there was born,


And seen the manger filled with hay

Sweet and soft for the baby’s head to lay.

And wondered what some old cow supposed

Seein’’ that baby in swaddlin’’ clothes


Sleepin’ where she’d come to eat

And Joseph and Mary tryin’’ to greet

The  shepherds and their flocks of sheep

And angels singin’’ when she wanted just to sleep.


But he reckons the old cow wouldn’t care

‘Bout the baby lying there

And wonders if his old cows know,

If the story’s been passed down from long ago


For two thousand years from cow to calf

He pulls down his hat and starts to laugh

‘Til one cow lifts her head on cue,

As if to say “Yes, I know it’s true.”


Back in the house, he’ll share the glory

With the family of the Christmas Story

And how cow and cowboy heirs from that time

Share Christmas greetings in cowboy style and rhyme


For a Christmas time that’s full of cheer

And the very best wishes for the coming New Year

– Steve Lucas