An Old Cowboy’s Wish for Christmas

Memories are important – they’re actually the most wonderful gifts of celebrating the Christmas season. Remember to remember this Christmas, as this old cowboy recommends.

A text version of this poem which may be easier to read can be found below.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this poem by Steve Lucas, because we have certainly enjoyed sharing it with you. To see the other poems that Steve has graciously shared with us, click here. And most importantly, have a wonderful and merry Christmas!

An Old Cowboy’s Wish for Christmas

“What do you want for Christmas?” I asked my old pal Slim.

He took the coffee pot, and filled his cup up to the brim.
He contemplated the rising steam, and his thoughts seemed far away.
I thought he might be remembering his favorite Christmas Day.

He took a sip, then cleared his throat, and said, “Well, I guess you should know,
That I quit askin’ fer much fer Christmas about forty years ago.
‘Cause, the things fellers ask for, like gloves and tack and socks,
Quit bein’ new as soon as you take them out of the box.

But, you see, I’ve still got presents I’ve got from Christmas past.
But none of ’em’s been bought in stores, that’s the reason why they last.
The pile of toys that I know I got back when I was a lad
Are gone and long forgotten, but I still remember Dad

And me setting up a train track on the floor on Christmas day.
Years later we’d get up early, choppin ice and feedin’ hay.
The Christmas pictures in my thoughts are the things that I’ve kept.
Some are slowly fading, but there’s plenty time ain’t swept

Away; of snow, and rain and Christmas nights spent a ridin herd,
Of candle lit church services and His story from the Word.
The feeling that comes from giving is a gift you just can’t buy
And the best thing is it’s a gift that never runs out of supply.”

So what I want for Christmas is something to come to mind,
At another place, another year, when I’m somewhere and I find
A memory of some Christmas past, of a special time
Thar makes me cry, or make me smile, or gives me words that rhyme.

That I might write a Christmas poem for my friends and family,
That they might remember long after the Christmas tree
And the ornaments and packages have long since been put away.
Memories, ‘Ol Pard, are all I want on Christmas Day.

– Steve Lucas