“A Cowboy’s Heart” – A Poem by Steve Lucas

A Cowboy's Heart Poem by Steve Lucas - Poster by F.M. Light and Sons

Image credit: Ontzy – via freeimages.com

We hope you enjoy this intimate look at a cowboy’s heart as much as we do. We have posted poems by our friend, cowboy poet Steve Lucas in the past. This is one of our new favorites (each one he shares with us is our new favorite, however).  Thanks for sharing your art with us, Steve!

A Cowboy’s Heart

A cowboy’s heart is tender,

Although he won’t want you to know it.

And he’ll go to great effort

To make sure that he’ll not show it.

He’ll contend cowboys are stoics,

With a hearts as hard as stone.

But in truth, they’re easily broken,

And they’ll go off to be alone,

If his advances are rejected

And he hurts deep down inside.

He won’t let you see it,

It’s called his cowboy pride.

But it won’t take long for his heart to heal

Hard work won’t let him brood.

He might come back, but he might not,

It all depends  upon his mood

So ladies, you had best be warned

As Valentine’s Day draws nigh

‘Bout trifling with a cowboy’s heart

It’s just  hello or goodbye.

Be honest with your feelings,

Love or “Just like” is fine.

When he comes askin’ you to be

His Cowboy Valentine.

Steve Lucas


2 thoughts on ““A Cowboy’s Heart” – A Poem by Steve Lucas

  1. Katie Nieblas

    Where do I get a copy for my lovin’ Cowboy?
    Katie Nieblas
    3018 Mack Smith Lane
    Stevensville MT 59870
    and where do I find his other work?
    just stumbled upon this
    tx K

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Katie, we’re glad you enjoy the poem! Unfortunately we don’t sell a hard copy of this poem, so there isn’t a simple answer to your question. You might be able to find something similar on a site like Etsy, however. Sorry we don’t have a more direct solution!

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