“A Valentine’s Day Warning” – by Steve Lucas

Cowboys, despite their distinctive qualities, are susceptible to the foibles that haunt the rest of mankind. In fact, their qualities of independence and self-reliance that enables them to track down a maverick and bring it home can be the same mentality that will cause them to go and do the same thing to a lady friend. It […]

winter carnival

The 103rd Winter Carnival

The 103rd Winter Carnival in Steamboat Springs was undoubtedly one of the best. The usual celebrations and street events were as fun and festive as ever, and we also had some new activities which only made the good times better. Here’s a run down of everything that happened, as well as a bunch of great […]

A Little Habit – A Poem by Steve Lucas

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions. But not many of us have actually managed to keep them. In fact, the habit of breaking a New Year’s resolution is probably the most common trait of resolutions in the history of making resolutions. It seems that despite all of our good intentions, we just can’t get away from […]

christmas recollections christmas poem

A Cowboy’s Christmas Recollections

It’s the time of year when we sing about Barney and Ben in “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”, and how they each have a Christmas wish for a pair of Hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots. Now, a pair of Hopalong boots is a wholesome sort of gift that even Hopalong […]

These Boots Are Made for Kicking

We were recently part of a two month long campaign that was designed as an incentive for women in our community to get screened for breast cancer. The Spur for the Cure, as it is called, is an annual event hosted by the Gloria Gossard Breast Health Center. This year they partnered with us and Old Gringo Boots during […]