An Amalgated History of the West

Wedding History & Facts

Weddings have changed a lot through history. Here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know: The Bridal Party Well, there a couple reasons for a bridal party. On the women’s side it is a sweet, thoughtful, self-sacrificial gesture. On the men’s side, however…well, I’ll just give you the facts. Women had attendants for the […]

An Intriguing History: Stampede Straps on Cowboy Hats

We received a question from Mark F. on our website: “…When did stampede straps begin to be used?…” Stampede straps, or bonnet strings, are decorated strips of leather that going around the back of the hat, through holes behind the ears, and around the neck. The purpose is to keep a cowboy’s hat on as […]

Boot Hill

What does the term “boot hill” bring to mind? A mountain of footwear? The name of a cobbler’s shop? Or, do you instantly think of the O.K. Corral and gunfighters? If you thought of the latter, then you are correct. Boot Hill is a term used mainly in the American west to define a cemetery. […]

Weapons of the West

Tools of the Trade “God did not make all men equal. Colonel Colt did.” After fighting the Civil War, thousands of frontiersmen used revolvers – handguns that utilize rotating chambers, allowing the firing of multiple rounds. How accurate is a revolver? An expert shot might consistently hit a stationary figure at 40 yards with a […]

Gunfighters: Frank and Jesse James

Valentines Day,1866. 2 o’clock pm, Liberty Missouri. 12 men swathed in long soldier’s overcoats, with six-shooters strapped ominously around their waists arrived in town. Two men swung off their horses and strode into the bank, the Clay County Savings Association. History was about to be made. The cashier, Greenup Bird, and his son, William (the […]

Declarations of our Founding Fathers

A Few Declarations of Founding Fathers and Early Statesmen   John Adams John Adams – Signer of the Declaration of Independence: Judge; diplomat, one of two signers of the bill of rights; second President of the United States. “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will […]

The Devil’s Rope: A Brief, Un-Exhaustive History

What’s up with Barbed Wire? Where did it come from? Is its sole purpose to torment hikers and trespassers? Believe it or not, barbed wire took years of experimentation and hundreds of patents to perfect. There is much debate about whether this pointy fencing aided in ruining or taming the Wild, Wild West. 1500 – […]

Wanted: Adventurous, Skinny Riders

Another Adventurous Endeavor of the Wild West The Pony Express was founded by three men; William Russell, William Waddell and Alexander Majors. These three were businessmen who had made their money by running stage coaches and freight services to and from government outposts. Seeing the need to keep Americans informed about important events, such as […]