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Cowboy Boots – The Purpose of Western Garb

Item 3: Cowboy Boots Slouched, thick-leathered boots that are coated in dust as if they’ve seen more than a few miles signal that the wearer is a true cowboy. While many of us wear our boots for fashion, cowboy boots were originally designed wholly for their function. The boots of today with the plethora of different leathers, stitching, […]

An Intriguing History: Stampede Straps on Cowboy Hats

We received a question from Mark F. on our website: “…When did stampede straps begin to be used?…” Stampede straps, or bonnet strings, are decorated strips of leather that going around the back of the hat, through holes behind the ears, and around the neck. The purpose is to keep a cowboy’s hat on as […]