Journey America: Dispatch 19

We wrote about Filipe Masetti and his incredible journey a few days ago. But, we wanted to share this video because it’s so close to home!

Dispatch #19 – 1,000 Miles! from Outwild TV on Vimeo.

In this video, we see that Filipe is heading to Craig, CO – that is right by Steamboat Springs! How exciting to realize he rode right by us.

I wonder if he saw our yellow signs?

Filipe is now part of the Long Rider’s Guild, along with¬†Lord Byron, Charles Darwin,¬† Jonathan Swift and Oscar Wilde.. How humbling it must feel to join their ranks! To be a part of the guild, you must ride 1,000 miles on horseback. That is a long, long way.

Here’s to many more miles, Filipe!

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