F.M. Light Music Update: Kristy Lee Cook

It’s not every day that you find an artist you love. Kristy Lee Cook is a new favorite.

Kristy’s first appearance in the public eye was when she auditioned for American Idol in 2008. She made it to a #7 finish, took a step back and began writing music of her own. Now she has unveiled “Airborne Ranger Infantry,” a song with a world of emotion behind it; she wrote it in honor of her father. Her dad was a Vietnam War veteran who “didn’t really talk about his time in the war much,” but wrote “poems about the things that were happening to him while he was serving.” Kristy had always wanted “to turn them into a song – to honor him.” And now she’s done it.

The result is a beautiful, heartfelt song that is at the top of our list.

Thanks to Fox News you can see this music video. Airborne Infantry Ranger is also available for download on iTunes.