The Making of a Stetson Cowboy Hat

Stetson has been making legendary hats since 1865. That’s a long time; they have it down to a science. Wouldn’t we all like to know about the process? Wouldn’t it be great to see how they do it? Why, now we can!

Watch this video that gives us an inside look inside the factory where Stetson hats are made:

We have a special connection with Stetson; F.M. Light and Sons is the oldest retailer west of the Mississippi to carry the brand in their store. Cowboys for generations and across countries have chosen Stetson as their brand of choice to get any job done, be it roping, riding, branding, rodeo-ing, bull riding, fencing, dancing, or church attending.

If you’re interested in a Stetson hat, submit this form or give us a call. We ship all over the world, and we’re glad to help every cowboy and cowgirl get fitted in their favorite western wear!

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