Cowboy Boots for Kids: Durable, Stylish and Affordable

You love western wear; you have since you were a child.

Cowboy boots were your childhood staple shoe, to be worn with sweatpants, skirts, jeans, shorts and cargo pants. Now, a generation later, your children feel the same way about the quintessential cowboy item: the cowboy boot.

These boots from Smoky Mountain Boots are perfect for their first pair. Or the second,  third, or fifteenth. They will last for many a childhood trek through the snow, sleet and dust, and will look stylish throughout it all. Smoky Mountain makes boots that are designed for children; they are durable and come in great colors!

Children's Western Cowboy Boots - Cactus Flower (3229, 3230) comes in red and turquoise for your kids! Find at F.M. Light and Sons in Steamboat Springs, CO

The Cactus Flower Cowboy Boot, featured in Red (3229) and Turquoise (3230)


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