F.M. Light and Sons Around the World: Lander, WY

We love to see where our customers and friends are from. We love hearing from you all so much that we’ve dedicated pages on our website to showcase the pictures we receive. One of these of course, include our famous horse, Lightning. The other shows the travels and lives of our customers in our Around the World gallery. The latest picture we received is from Karl:

F.M. Light and Sons around the world - Landers, Wyoming - United States

Karl riding Abby with truck Thelmalou in the background - F.M. Light and Sons around the world - Lander, Wyoming

This is Karl, and he lives in Landers, Wyoming. He is wearing a “beautiful red wool Pendleton shirt” he bought at our store last winter. His trusty horse is named Abby, and she’s a 15 hand, 9 year old paint. Isn’t she beautiful? His truck has a name as well – this is Thelmalou (we love the “Let’er buck” sticker on the back, Karl).

Speaking of bumper stickers; check out Karl’s other truck:

Karl's other truck (from Wyoming) with an F.M. Light bumper sticker!  F.M. Light and Sons around the world - Landers, Wyoming

Yep, that’s one of our bumper stickers. Note the Wyoming license plate. Our customers are from all over the country!

Another thing we should mention: the horses in these pictures are beautiful, aren’t they? Their names are Peanut, Captain Jack and Meg. They live on the Ready Ranch in Wyoming.

Peanut the Horse alongside Merrill (who is 6' 4" tall).

This is a better picture of Peanut. The man beside him is 6′ 4″ tall. Peanut’s a big horse!

Thank you so much for sharing your photos, Karl – we appreciate it so much!

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