Two Weeks ’til Christmas – A Cowboy Poem

Do you procrastinate until the last minute to buy your Christmas presents? Check out this poem about cowboys that get too busy to do any of their Christmas shopping.

Two Weeks -Till Christmas

Two Weeks til Christmas Poem by Steve Lucas - Poster by F.M. Light and Sons | Western Wear in Steamboat Springs, CO for Over 100 Years

Image credit: Robert Proksa – via

It’s two weeks ‘till Christmas, and you can sure bet,
That cowboys have not done their shopping as yet.
-Cause time sure flies by with winter coming on,
And a cowboy’s work starts way before dawn.

There’s feedin’ the cows, and bustin’ up ice
Can’t take the time to heed someone’s advice
To get shopping done while there’s stuff on the shelves,
Cowboys are hoping that maybe some elves….

Will take pity on them as the hour grows late,
And go down to the mall and fill up a crate
With lots of good stuff, and buy it on sale!!
And wrap it, and pack it, and get it in the mail.

‘Cause cowboys, if left on their own, I’m afraid
Will wait -till the last minute, then make a raid
On a local grocery in a panic attack.
And there’s no telling what they’ll carry out in a sack.

So pray for us cowboys, that we’ll get a reprieve,
That we’ll do our shopping before Christmas Eve.
Else our friends and our families might find ‘neath the tree. Pickles and bologna, and instant ice tea.

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