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A Christmas Poem: “If God had Chosen Cowboys”

Merry Christmas from all of us at F.M. Light & Sons! To celebrate this wonderful season here is a Christmas poem from our friend Steve Lucas. Enjoy, and may you have a most blessed and festive Christmas day. If God had Chosen Cowboys If God had chosen cowboys, instead of those fellers herdin’ sheep To welcome the […]

A Cowboy’s Autumn Poem by Steve Lucas

A Cowboy’s Autumn Poem As the leaves begin to cover the ground and the dustings of snow make their way further down the hillsides with each brisk dawn, we present this poem by Steve Lucas. Our friend Steve has submitted numerous pieces of cowboy poetry to us in the past. Here is his latest contribution; a cowboy’s thoughts […]

An Old Cowboy’s Wish for Christmas

Memories are important – they’re actually the most wonderful gifts of celebrating the Christmas season. Remember to remember this Christmas, as this old cowboy recommends. A text version of this poem which may be easier to read can be found below. We hope you’ve enjoyed this poem by Steve Lucas, because we have certainly enjoyed sharing […]

Happy Mother’s Day from F.M. Light: A Cowboy’s Special Mom – a Poem

Moms are special. So, it makes sense that there is a day to honor them. Our friend Steve Lucas is a talented cowboy poet, and he sent us this poem. We love it so much, and we think you will appreciate it, too. Please share it with your own mother this Sunday, and show your […]

“A Cowboy’s Valentine” – A Poem by Steve Lucas

What is a cowboy’s valentine? It may not be the prettiest card or the fanciest chocolate, but it comes from the heart and that’s what counts. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion. But, let’s not get caught up in the flowers and the cards and the chocolate. Let’s stop and realize what this day is […]

Two Weeks ’til Christmas – A Cowboy Poem

Do you procrastinate until the last minute to buy your Christmas presents? Check out this poem about cowboys that get too busy to do any of their Christmas shopping. Two Weeks -Till Christmas It’s two weeks ‘till Christmas, and you can sure bet, That cowboys have not done their shopping as yet. -Cause time sure […]