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“The Grand Illusion” – A Cowboy’s Valentine Poem by Steve Lucas

Cowboys may look as tough as their leather tack, but their hearts are still just as soft as anyone else’s. We think this poem by Steve Lucas has captured this paradox of the cowboy’s heard quite well. But you should read for yourself – as usual, Steve has said it best. A text version of the […]

An Old Cowboy’s Wish for Christmas

Memories are important – they’re actually the most wonderful gifts of celebrating the Christmas season. Remember to remember this Christmas, as this old cowboy recommends. A text version of this poem which may be easier to read can be found below. We hope you’ve enjoyed this poem by Steve Lucas, because we have certainly enjoyed sharing […]

Happy Mother’s Day from F.M. Light: A Cowboy’s Special Mom – a Poem

Moms are special. So, it makes sense that there is a day to honor them. Our friend Steve Lucas is a talented cowboy poet, and he sent us this poem. We love it so much, and we think you will appreciate it, too. Please share it with your own mother this Sunday, and show your […]