“The Grand Illusion” – A Cowboy’s Valentine Poem by Steve Lucas

Cowboys may look as tough as their leather tack, but their hearts are still just as soft as anyone else’s. We think this poem by Steve Lucas has captured this paradox of the cowboy’s heard quite well. But you should read for yourself – as usual, Steve has said it best.

A text version of the poem which may be easier to read can be found below.

Photo credit: DannoHung / Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: DannoHung / Foter / CC BY-SA

The Grand Illusion, by Steve Lucas

The cowboys we grew up with, in the movies and on TV,
Were hard, and happily lonely, it was part of being free.
Those that maintained their liberty were counted among the best.
If things got complicated, they rode off into the west.

These images do cowboys a disservice; in reality, a cowboy’s heart,
Is soft and easily broken, little things can tear it apart.
Like watching an old pard’s passing, or losing cattle in the rain,
Thoughts of unrequited love can often spawn tears and pain.

Matt and Kitty should have grown old together; Gill Favor could have taken
If not for the grand illusion of the lonely cowboy life.
In truth, cowboys seek friendship with hopes that it might turn to love
They dream of riding the ranges with a sweetheart glove in glove.

So, ladies, if your valentine’s a cowboy, that stoicism is just veneer.
In reality he’s just a great big softie, don’t let his front inerfere
With telling him your true feelings, if you love him, please let him know,
If not, then let him down easy; he’ll ride into the west sun’s glow.

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