Happy Mother’s Day from F.M. Light: A Cowboy’s Special Mom – a Poem

Moms are special. So, it makes sense that there is a day to honor them. Our friend Steve Lucas is a talented cowboy poet, and he sent us this poem. We love it so much, and we think you will appreciate it, too. Please share it with your own mother this Sunday, and show your love

A Cowboy’s Special Mom

By Steve Lucas

A cowboy’s mom is special, to that I can attest

‘Cause to put up with a cowboy, she’s got to be the best

At dryin’ tears and mendin’ scrapes, and nursin’ calves and colts

And carryin’ feed through boot top mud and holdin’ rusty bolts.


And keepin’ dinner hot ‘til her cowboy drags in late,

Stayin’ up with him, putting more food on his plate.

And when she knows he’s sleepin’, she’ll doze off in the night,

Knowin’ she’ll be up to see him off before first light.

A cowboy’s mom is special, ‘cause she knows that he won’t stay.

There’s no use in tryin’ to stop him, he’s gonna drift away.

So she tries to teach him how to be kind and fair,

To hold doors for the ladies and to always do his share.

She teaches by example, so all the world can see

That she loves her cowboy, and she prays that he

Will find a cowboy’s sweetheart at some point in his life,

And that she will be the one to become his cowboy wife.

So mom, I want to thank you, though we are miles apart

For bein’ my special cowboy’s mom, your thoughts are in my heart.