“A Cowboy’s Valentine” – A Poem by Steve Lucas

What is a cowboy’s valentine?

It may not be the prettiest card or the fanciest chocolate, but it comes from the heart and that’s what counts.

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion. But, let’s not get caught up in the flowers and the cards and the chocolate. Let’s stop and realize what this day is all about: The one you love. Here’s a little poem written by a cowboy about this special day. Share this poem with someone you love – and show them you love them no matter what!

A text version of the poem that may be easier to read can be found below.

Happy Valentine's Day from F.M. Light - A Cowboy Valentine Poem

Image credit: Billy Alexander – via freeimages.com

A Cowboy’s Valentine


Don’t be disappointed if your cowboy valentine,

Shows up late

For your date

Without a rose, a card or wine


‘It’ll probably be a miracle that he is there at all

‘Cause a cowboy’s day’s

all work, no play

And honest, he can’t call


When there is no cell phone service, where he finds that missing cow.

Back in the brush,

And he’s in a rush

And she needs help right now.


She has just one leg showin’, and he knows he has a date.

But he hopes maybe

He can pull that baby

And not be to awfully late.


He ropes the cow, and pulls the calf, then sees his time is close.

No time to shop

No time to stop

To wash up and change his clothes.


Now he’s standing at your door with calf slop on his chaps,

His worn thin shirt

Covered with dirt

And he’s holding a paper scrap,


On which he’s penned a poem, scribbled with a pencil stubble

Some simple prose

That he thinks he knows

Might get him out of trouble


So don’t be aggravated, it’s just a cowboy’s way

To tell you true

Of his love for you

On Valentine’s Day.