A Cowboy Valentine

A cowboy’s relationship to Valentine’s Day can be a difficult one.

A cowboy’s work requires a special amount of toughness. It also demands commitment and care that may require long and unusual hours. As such, cowboy’s skills and abilities tend to gravitate toward independence and self-reliance. Sometimes these types don’t translate well into some of the more refined expressions of life, however. After all, when you’ve been pulling cows and stretching fence all day, the social overtures of what is largely a commercialized holiday can seem rather superficial. That’s not to say that a cowboy doesn’t appreciate the opportunity to express his love to his valentine. Just that a cowboy valentine might not conform to the confines of social expectations.

Sometimes matters of the heart are difficult to express in prose. Such is the case with explaining the complexities of the cowboy’s heart. That’s why we’ll explain these intricacies in poem. Our friend Steve Lucas and written numerous valentine poems for us over the past few years, each covering a different aspect of this relationship between the cowboy and this holiday. We offer four of them here, each about a different part of cowboy romance.

“The Grand Illusion” – A Cowboy’s Valentine Poem by Steve Lucas

“A Cowboy’s Heart” – A Poem by Steve Lucas

“A Cowboy’s Valentine” – A Poem by Steve Lucas

“A Valentine’s Day Warning” – by Steve Lucas

Feel free to share these poems with your friends and loved ones. And remember, Valentine’s Day or not, it’s never too late to tell those special people in your life how much you love them.