F.M. Light Western Update: Wild Horse, Wild Ride: New Documentary

100 Days. 100 People. 100 Horses.

Have you heard of Wild Horse, Wild Ride? I hadn’t until just now, when I watched the trailer for this new documentary.

What a story it has to tell! Anyone who has an interest in horses will love this movie. Here’s the idea:

100 people are given 100 days to train a completely wild mustang to participate in a Texas contest. Unforgettable characters are seen throughout; from a Navajo grandfather and a stubborn, grizzled cowhand to a fiery young woman with a flare for performance. Training a wild mustang won’t be easy; as one contestant says:

“It’s now if you get hurt, it’s <em>when</em>, and <em>how bad</em>.”

For more information for this documentary, including showtimes, visit the website.