Introducing: Bootights – Tights (and Socks!) to Wear with Boots

If you’re a guy, then you won’t understand this. If you’re a woman who doesn’t wear boots, then you won’t understand this.

But, if you’re a woman who wears boots with tights, then you’ll absolutely understand and empathize with this product.

You know that icky feeling you get when you wear tights with boots and you have to wear socks over the tights? You know, when the sock gets all bunched up around your ankle. Or, what about when you take off your boots and you have those ugly socks you don’t know what to do with?

Introducing: Bootights®. We can’t believe how awesome these are: Tights with the socks built in. Revolutionary, right?

So, in case you missed it, here’s the basic principle: Tights + Socks = Bootights®.

Bootights® are a premium tight with a performance sock attached. The sock is moisture wicking, has a top mesh so that your feet can breathe, has sculpted cushioning so that your feet are protected and comfortable, and compression arch support so you can be comfortable all day!

American Flag

This product is Made in America – yet another reason to celebrate this great company.

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Still need to be convinced? Watch this great video, which explains the inventors perspective: