Going Back to His Cowboy Roots: Journey America

It isn’t common to ride a horse for anything longer than a few hours; we have other modes of transportation in these modern times.

So, what Filipe Masetti Leite is doing is historical.

The 25 year-old Brazilian journalist is riding over 9,900 miles on two horses. His journey (which began in Canada and will end in Brazil) is inspired by Swiss schoolteacher Aime Tschiffelly’s ride from Argentina to New York, which took place in 1925. Filipe was always destined to ride; his name means “friend of horses,” and he says he was “born in the saddle.”

His journey will take him through 12 countries in North, South and Central America

Journey America from Outwild TV on Vimeo.

He has a passion for adventure, journalism and storytelling, and we’re thoroughly enjoying watching his travels.

Follow his travels on OutWildTV’s website – it’s a journey through America!