Western Wear: Vintage Advertisements from F.M. Light and Sons

The past is so interesting.

Whenever I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, I search through the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection. In the early days, the paper to read was the Routt County Sentinel. You can browse through it to your hearts content in the comfort of your home. I enjoy searching for F.M. Light and Sons, and finding all the old advertisements. It’s so intriguing to compare the differences to modern ones. Here is one, for instance:

Sure I'm Happy! I buy my western Wear at F.M. Light and Sons in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Doesn’t that make you want to smile? What a jolly looking man. He looks very pleased with himself for finding the correct size of pants at F.M. light and Sons – and at such a good price, too!

Here’s another example:Stetson Hat Company - Advertisement for F.M. Light and Sons, Western Wear in Steamboat Springs, Colorado - Vintage Ad

It’s interesting to note that F.M. Light’s used to sell a lot of suits. This ad looks a lot like something you’d see on the BBC, or a Poirot the detective poster. What a mighty fine fedora you could buy from the new 1920 spring line from Stetson!

Here’s another Stetson ad (in case you weren’t aware, F.M. Light is the oldest Stetson retailer west of the Mississippi. Pretty great that our history meshes so well with theirs, right?). Look at that – you can buy a genuine Stetson hat (and waterproof at that) for only $8.50. My, how times have changed! But, people still love Stetson, and they still love hats. So, times are still pretty similar.

Vintage Stetson Advertisment from F.M. Light and Sons in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Western Wear and Cowboy Clothing

That’s all we’ll share for now, but check back regularly to see more vintage ads!